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Jigsaw's Chair, Tony Crooks, along with our Founder and CEO, Tony Bates, and a member of our Youth Advisory Panel, Annie, share their messages on what 2015 has meant to them...

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2015 in Numbers.

Our Services support young people to achieve better mental health & wellbeing

80% - The number of 17-25 year olds who had a reliable reduction in psychological distress after visiting a Jigsaw Service for sessions with a mental health professional.

I felt so relaxed and comfortable, felt like I could say anything and not be judged. The change in me is remarkable, all thanks to Jigsaw

A quote from a young person who attended Jigsaw for support with their mental health.


The number of young people given direct and indirect support by Jigsaw Services in 2015.


"Satisfied" or "very satisfied"

The percentage of young people who attended a Jigsaw Service for sessions with our mental health professionals, who when asked said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the support they got.

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Research & Evaluation

One of the key things that we do in the Research and Evaluation team, is show that Jigsaw works for our young people. To do this we try to understand why Jigsaw works, and when there are ways that we can improve what we do.

Being open and sharing our knowledge is valuable for building trust in what we're doing as an organisation

Louise Dolphin, Acting Research Coordinator
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It is inspiring to know that there are young people from all over the world returning to their own communities – wherever they may be, talking about Jigsaw.

Amelia, Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel Member


In 2015, we ran 325 training workshops in communities across Ireland with a reach of over 13,000 people, which is phenomenal. It shows how Jigsaw can reach out to the wider community to start discussions & provide support around youth mental health.


The number of young people who attended our It’s Time to Start Talking workshops.

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We work with communities across Ireland in providing mental health supports for young people aged 12-25, and to change how Ireland thinks about youth mental health.

Through our Services we provide free, confidential, brief mental health supports for young people aged 12-25. Designed in partnership with young people & staffed by trained mental health professionals, we ensure that our young people get the right help through joined-up work with other services.

Jigsaw gives young people a voice to talk about their concerns and find solutions that work for them. We provide somewhere to turn to, and someone to talk to.

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We strive to innovate, challenge and apply best practice in youth mental health across Ireland. we aim to set the course for a future where every community across Ireland will have access to the support that Jigsaw offers - We are Jigsaw.

We are leading the change in youth mental health. Through Research, Engagement and Services, Jigsaw operates in conjunction with the HSE and other partners. We represent an innovative approach to promoting and supporting youth mental health.

Young people have great energy and they often continue to think and work on issues between sessions. It's such an honour to be let into their world...

At the end of every day I'm proud to say I work for Jigsaw and that we’re making a difference. That matters to me.

Jules Thompson, Clinicial Coordinator, North Fingal